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“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity” - Henry Hartman

We help the students and working professionals make the right decisions and right preparation to be successful in life. We are among the best career counselling companies in India.

In the last century, success mantra was – work hard, do well in the exams, get entry into a premier institutes in a prized course (like Medicine, Engineering, MBA) and enjoy life-long success. In today’s digital world, resources are available to everybody to do well in the exams. Students and young professionals are working extremely hard. As a result, the competition has increased many folds. Working hard is not going to be the differentiator any more. We need to think and act smarter. In today’s competitive world, to be successful, we need to leverage our natural talents, personality styles, interests and strengths and design right career path.

We help young generation of today to be successful and satisfied in tomorrow’s world. Silicon India magazine has announced RiteWay as the one of top 10 most promising Career Counselling of India.

Just call us. We will explain our services and guide you to be ready for the new world!

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7 Reasons Why should career counselling from us

1. We believe that success is happiness. So, we set-up right career path that leads to the happiest possible life for the individual and coach them all along the journey. We believe that you cannot excel in our profession, unless you enjoy it.

2. To identify the right career path, we scientifically analyze clients’ inherent aptitude, personality types, interest and socio-economic conditions and match with upcoming career opportunities using latest technologies.

3. Personal touch from the career guide who has travelled the world and seen life challenges in real. We leverage highly experienced people and counselling qualifications to help our clients.

4. We understand the every one is unique and each has their unique needs. We provide highly personalized service. We leverage domain-specialists and country specialists to address specific needs.

5. Not the only 4 Cs (Career, Course, College & Country), we help our clients with building overall profile through field trips, apprenticeship, additional training/certifications and most of all continuous motivation & mentoring

6. While we help individuals reach their dream, we make them realize the ground realities and the effort needed to reach their goals. Setting right expectations helps them achieve right goals and be happy.

7. We provide mutli-dimensional Career Counselling & Career Coaching guidance in each stage of life – school, college, corporate till retirement.