About Us

RiteWay Career Solutions

Every individual is unique - in terms of talents, personality type, interest, skills and experience. There is at least one area the individual has the potential to outshine most others. With the mission of unleasing the unique potential of the individuals for a successful and happy career, RiteWay initiative was started in 2017. Our founder Dr Jagadish Kundu, a successful corporate executive-turned-career coach has groomed, coached and transformed more than one thousand youngsters into successful professionals. Dr Kundu is passionate about grooming students and working professionals. RiteWay believes that channelizing the best resources of the country (the human resources) per their unique talents should be at the foundation of a great nation building.

The company integrates latest career guidance technology with personalized career counseling services. These technological tools help individuals make right decisions by identifying their strengths and personality traits. In addition to, better career decisions and career planning, RiteWay instills strong self-confidence and self-actualization through personalized career coaching. That results in manifold increase in motivational levels of our clients and outstanding career success.

RiteWay believes that everybody has talent they have to transform that into a skill and hone it to perfection. That adds up to the right career choice and forms a key to their success and happiness. We have a broad knowledge about a large number of career lines – Engineering, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Management, Defense and Education.

RiteWay Career Solutions works on the principle that students are uniquely talented with their individual attributes - personality, interests and abilities. The company uses technology and human intervention to align these attributes with their career so that they become most satisfied and successful. Dr Kundu adds all his experience to identify the key attributes in a student and chanellize them to the right career to maximize the student’s potential.

"I have a vast experience with working with people across different occupations. I have groomed more than 1000 professionals throughout my career of 25 years. I have worked in traditional industries as well as in advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have a good vision about future job opportunities following the advent of automation technologies and its all-pervasive impact on every sphere of society. With my background in digital technology and passion for people development, I want to make youngsters of today successful and satisfied in the tomorrow’s world” says Dr Kundu.

Need For Career Counselling

There are many forces that are influencing youngsters to make career choices. Most of them succumb to peer or family pressure and choose a career, only to repent later. In the same time, the competition for admission to good colleges, internships and job placements are increasing. There is a continuous inflation in the numbers that students are scoring in the board examinations. Hence, scoring well in the examination is not enough in today’s world. Choosing right career, course and college (if not, country) leveraging individual student’s unique abilities is the key. Unfortunately, most students can name only 7 careers, whereas more than 220 careers are available in India.

In this complex world, amidst hunderes of career paths, only a good Career Counselor can identify the career path that is most suitable for an individual. The career counselor can provide the necessary guidance to the individual with his/her knowledge, experience and counseling skills. Dr Kundu and his team has tremendous knowledge and experience and expertise and also the advanced AI-based technology to assess the individuals aptitude and personality. He has experience of 26 years of working with people from different occupations, geographies, personality types and interests. He has observed people closely and understood the reasons for their success and failure.

7 Reasons Why Us

1. We believe that success is happiness. So, we set-up right career path that leads to the happiest possible life for the individual and coach them all along the journey

2. We scientifically analyze clients’ inherent aptitude, personality types, interest and socio-economic conditions and match with upcoming career opportunities using AI & data analytics.

3. Personal touch from the career guide who has travelled the world and seen life challenges in real. We leverage highly experienced people and counselling qualifications to help our clients.

4. We leverage domain-specialists and country specialists to address specific needs

5. Not the only 4 Cs (Career, Course, College & Country), we help our clients with building overall profile through field trips, apprenticeship, additional training/certifications and most of all continuous motivation & mentoring

6. While we help individuals reach their dream, we make them realize the ground realities and the effort needed to reach their goals. Setting right expectations helps them achieve right goals and be happy.

7. We provide mutli-dimensional Career Counselling & Career Coaching guidance in each stage of life – school, college, corporate till retirement.

Dr. Jagadish Kundu

Dr Kundu hails from the city of Joy, Kolkata. He has versatile experience in multitude of industries for more than 25 years. He has worked in Tata Motors, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Cap Gemini Ernst & Yourng US and Cognizant Technology Solutions. He has also taught University students at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Dr Kundu has kept himself associated with academia all throughout his life. He is a BE and PhD from IIEST, Shibpur and an ME from IISc, Bangalore. Jagadish is a PhD from IIEST, Shibpur and brings his research and teaching experience to the fore when it comes to guiding youngsters to choose better careers. He has attended Management Development Programs at IIM, Bangalore and ISB, Hyderabad. Dr Kundu has the Global Career Counsellor Certification from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension and ACC certification from International Coaching Federation (ICF).